Tormented (2009)

Life lessons…

Life at Fairview High is much the same as at any other modern British institute of education. The students are split into distinct groups – the geeks, the Goths, the middle-of-the roaders and, of course, ruling over them all, the popular kids who spend their time systematically targeting those who don’t match up to their high standards. But when uber-nerd Darren (Calvin Dean) kills himself, strange things begin to happen to those who made his life miserable – including self-proclaimed king of cool Bradley (Alex Pettyfer) and the pouting Tasha (April Pearson) When rule-following head girl Justine (Tuppence Middleton) falls for sexy Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas), she finds herself drawn into the clique – and into the terrifying things that are befalling them. Can she find out the truth about what’s happening before it’s too late?

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Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street (DVD)

It’s a hell of a town…

Originally entitled, simply, Mulberry Street, Jim Mickle’s 2006 horror has been repackaged as Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street for its UK DVD release – most likely to make it more obviously appealing to genre fans browsing the shelves. But this in your face title, together with the DVD’s garish artwork,  doesn’t do justice to the intelligent, understated and surprising film that crosses outlandish creature feature traditions with post 9/11 paranoia to hugely entertaining effect.

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