Lakeview Terrace (DVD)

Everybody needs good neighbours…

When husband and wife Chris (Wilson) and Jill (Washington) move into Lakeview Terrace they think they’ve found their dream job. But that’s before they’ve met their new neighbour, cop Abel Turner (Jackson) – a single father whose strict moral code has veered into dangerous obsession following the death of his wife three years previously. Abel makes it clear he does not approve of Chris and Jill’s inter-racial relationship, and the couple are soon engaged in a battle of wills thatquickly, and violently, gets out of hand.

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Behind the Scenes of Marley & Me

Shaggy dog story Marley and Me has been all over the news recently, thanks no doubt to its adorable four-legged star, and it’s finally out in cinemas today!

To celebrate the release of the comedy, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as the married couple who decide to get a new pet – little realizing they are taking home the world’s most badly behaved dog – Twentieth Century Fox have sent over some goodies…



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The Rocker (DVD)

Are you ready to rock?

Twenty years ago, drummer Robert ‘Fish’ Fisherman (Rainn Wilson) was ousted from rock band Vesuvius just before they became international megastars. Rendered violently bitter by the experience, Fish has been unable to move on with his life – but when his young nephew asks him to drum for his band, ADD, Fish begins to realise that life really is what you make it.

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