Concussion (2015)


Awards season is traditionally the time for filmmakers to get their teeth into the meaty issues that they hope will draw the admiring gaze of audiences and voting committees alike. Concussion follows the established playbook to such a degree that it turns an incendiary story – an exposé that struck at the heart of America’s national sport, first detailed in GQ article ‘Game Brain’ by Jeanne Marie Laskas – into something of a damp squib.

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Seven Pounds (DVD)

Where there’s a Will…

Ben Thompson (Will Smith) is an IRS agent with a difference. Driven by a personal need for redemption he is moved to help those people he deems worthy of a second chance. People like Emily Rosa (Rosario Dawson), a seriously ill heart patient who has fallen behind with her taxes. As Ben’s philanthropy becomes an obsession, he and Emily grow ever close – but it soon becomes clear that Ben is hiding a secret from his past that will change everything

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