Cracks (DVD)

School’s out

If your father is the director of Alien and Blade Runner, it’s one hell of a shadow to step out of, particularly if you’re stepping into the family business. Cracks is the debut feature from Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley, and while it’s a lazy thing to do, one can’t help but look for the familial genes at work.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)


In the press notes for Tony Scott’s garish remake of the 1974 heist classic The Taking of Pelham 123 – itself adapted from the novel by John Godey – screenwriter Brian Helgeland states that his version gets under the skin of its central characters far more than either the original film or novel. To suggest that your adaptation may be better that its source is a bold statement indeed, and it’s immediately clear that Helgeland is way overstating the achievement of the film in character development. For while Denzel Washington’s performance showcases his usual, dependable breadth of human emotion, Travolta’s characterisation is about as deep and meaningful as a box of bricks.

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