Edge of Darkness (DVD)

Liar, liar…

British television dramas are proving to be fertile breeding ground for Hollywood execs as, following the success of Kevin Macdonald’s big screen adaptation of State of Play, Casino Royale director Martin Campbell breathes new life into the 1985 mini-series Edge of Darkness. And, with a solid performance from Mel Gibson at its heart, it proves to be a successful, if fairly straightforward, Americanised thriller.

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Heartless (2009)

Heart of glass

More gritty psychological drama than blood-soaked chiller, Heartless was a somewhat surprising inclusion in the lineup for the 2009 Frightfest horror festival. Even more unexpected, then, that it should prove to be one of the standout highlights of the whole weekend. And with its intelligent, gripping story, brilliant performances and assured direction, it’s one of the best British films you’ll see this year.

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The Big I Am (DVD)

Gangster tripping

Cass star Leo Gregory is small time crook Skinner who gets catapulted into the big leagues in this lacklustre British crime thriller that is at best a by the numbers copy of hundreds that have come before – indeed, it’s a surprise that Danny Dyer doesn’t appear in a starring role – and at worst is a laughable, dull and achingly predictable.

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