FrightFest 2010 Day One: Hatchet 2 Director and Cast Q&A!

Hatchet2FrightFest 2010 kicked off in style with the world premiere of Adam Green’s long-awaited sequel Hatchet II, which returns to the Louisiana swampland home of deformed boogeyman Victor Crowley. Attending the screening with the director were stars Danielle Harris – who takes over the lead role of Marybeth from original actress Tamara Feldman – and horror legends Kane ‘Jason Voorhees’ Hodder, who takes the role of Victor Crowley, and Tony ‘Candyman’ Todd, who plays the mysterious Reverend Zombie. They spoke about making the movie…

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Paranormal Activity (2009)

The camera never lies…

Ten years ago, a low-budget horror film came out of nowhere, caused a huge sensation and went nuclear at the box office – partly thanks to a (then) ground-breaking use of internet marketing techniques. The film was, of course,The Blair Witch Project, which revolutionised the genre by using supposedly real hand-held camera footage of horrifying events happening to normal people in the backwoods of Maryland. A decade on and Paranormal Activity is following in its footsteps, and  while it may be riding a huge wave of  hype that has seen it do stellar business at the US box office, it packs no less of a terrifying punch, particularly because it moves that ultra-real horror into a domestic setting.

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