Frost/Nixon (DVD)


Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Film, Director and Actor, Ron Howard’s heavy hitting, critically acclaimed adaptation of Peter Morgan’s stageplay Frost/Nixon comes to win over a whole new audience on DVD. But is it worthy of all those accolades? Absolutely.

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Angels & Demons (2009)

Church Wars Episode II: A New Pope

Despite the fact that Ron Howard’s 2006 adaptation of Dan Brown’s blockbusting bestseller The DaVinci Code was accompanied by a wave of critical apathy, the film still did well enough at the box office (thanks in no small part to the loyalty of the book’s millions of fans) to make another movie a certainty. Angels and Demons is that movie and, unsurprisingly, it treads much the same path as its predecessor; it’s very long, very melodramatic and very middle-of-the-road.

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