Machete (2010)

Slice of the action…

What can you say about Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez’s cheerfully blood-soaked Mexploitation B-movie tribute? It’s hard to know where to stop, and you get the impression the film-makers were faced with a similar dilemma.

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Predators (2010)

There is no hunting like the hunting of men

Almost a quarter of a century ago, John McTiernan’s Predator cast Arnie as an alien hunter extraordinare and thrilled audiences in the process. No matter that it stuttered as a franchise, with the recent Alien Vs Predator movies smacking of desperation; the original is now heralded as one of the pinnacle moments of Eighies action excess. And riding the wave of nostalgia for this decade that has driven recent reboots like Rambo and A Nightmare on Elm Street comes the all-new Predators, a glossy homage to its 1987 godfather that celebrates all that was great about the original while introducing the concept to a new, effects-savvy generation.

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