Blue Valentine (2010)


Hollywood may be the home of the happy ending, but America’s independent landscape has proved to be the habitat of braver, more brutal truths. In the case of Blue Valentine, those truths concern the darker side of love; namely that it doesn’t necessarily last forever, and that it can be as ugly as it is beautiful. But while this idea may be a rarity in modern cinema, it certainly makes for an intriguing and involving film.

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Exclusive Interview With Delta Screenwriter Yvette Biro


Friday May 8th sees the release of Delta, a small film with big ideas about morality, love and family values. Indeed, those looking for something to counter-balance the big bangs and bucks of Star Trek would do well to seek out Delta, and you can read our review here. To celebrate its release Roll Credits speaks exclusively  to screenwriter Yvette Biro, who co-wrote the film with director Kornel Mundruczo. Continue reading

Delta (2008)

Keeping it in the family…

Life in a small, rural Hungarian village deep in the heart of the Danube Delta is quietly tough. The inhabitants make their living as best they can, abiding by strict traditions passed down through generations. Suddenly, into this peace like a tidal wave comes a young man (Lakjo), returning home after making his fortune in the big city. He has been away so long that he has never met his sister (Toth), a timid girl living under the strict control of her stepfather. The young man has a dream of building a timber house in the middle of the marsh and, sensing a freedom she has never known, his sister soon decides to help him. As the sibling strangers grow ever closer, their relationship causes ripples of gossip in the village, and tensions rise until they reach a tragic breaking point.

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