The Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call: New Orleans (2009)

Down by law

Not so much a remake of the 1992 Abel Ferrara cop classic, which starred Harvey Keitel in the lead role, as a total reimagining, Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans is an acquired taste. It is an overwhelming and, at times, difficult ode to unchecked power and excess but, if you surrender yourself to Herzog’s vision, it’s an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

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In the Electric Mist (DVD)

Southern discomfort

This straight to DVD thriller may have the ever-excellent Tommy Lee Jones in the lead role, but that doesn’t make it any less mediocre. Adapted from James Lee’s novel, Jones stars as Louisiana Detective Dave Robicheaux, a hard-bitten cop battling his own demons while trying to solve the murder of a local prostitute. Jones does as best he can with the material, but the soupy mix of unconvincing Southern accents, incoherent editing and the ghosts of confederate soldiers soon bring a sense of irritation that overwhelms even his solid performance. 2 stars

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