The Yes Men Fix the World (2009)

Fixin’ a-holes…

With 2002’s Bowling For Columbine, film-maker Michael Moore ushered in the age of the documentary as genuine big-screen entertainment. That, along with his subsequent docs, showcased his winning blend of determined approach, affable personality and easy-to-digest information. Armed with these attributes, he managed to both confront the big issues of the day and present the facts in a way that resonated with audiences and meant big bucks at the box office. Although Moore may no longer be the voice of the people he once was, there are plenty of film-makers following in his footsteps; Morgan ‘Supersize Me’ Spurlock is one documentarian who has followed the Moore formula for success, and now the unlikely figures of the Yes Men are set to ruffle some big business feathers and win over fans in the process.

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W. (DVD)

Beating about the Bush…

Oliver Stone has long held a reputation as something of a confrontational film-maker, so his latest, W., may come as a surprise. Indeed, anyone expecting a brash, no-holds-barred cinematic attack of the much-derided politics of ex-US President George W. Bush will be disappointed, as the film – released while Bush Jr was still clinging on to the White House – is instead a gentle, somewhat sympathetic look at just what turned Bush into the cartoon character ‘Dubya’

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