Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

A whole lot of bot…

If you showed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to the pioneers of the motion picture, those visionaries who first thought to splice images together to make them come alive, they would most likely be overcome with shock. It’s a testament to how far cinematic technology has come that modern audiences take such spectacle for granted – to the extent that the mind begins to wander and we begin hypothesising about how early cinema-goers would react to the film that is still playing on screen in front of us. Ok, so that might be just me, but the fact remains that, however awesome the visuals might be, Transformers 2 ‘aint got a whole lot of soul. And, despite all that technology, soul still remains the heart of great cinema.

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Behind the Scenes of Marley & Me

Shaggy dog story Marley and Me has been all over the news recently, thanks no doubt to its adorable four-legged star, and it’s finally out in cinemas today!

To celebrate the release of the comedy, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as the married couple who decide to get a new pet – little realizing they are taking home the world’s most badly behaved dog – Twentieth Century Fox have sent over some goodies…



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