Red Riding Hood (2011)


Greenlighting this updated Red Riding Hood must have seemed like a no-brainer; combine the current trend for modern gothic – angst-ridden vampires and emotionally conflicted werewolves – with the familiar set up of an ever-green fairy tale, a beautiful cast and the director of the teen behemoth Twilight and you’ve got a sure fire winner, right? But, as so often happens, it seems that so much stock has been placed in replicating a seemingly winning formula that no care was taken to ensure that the resulting film had any emotional heart, or even a cohesive narrative.

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FrightFest 2009: Opening Night!

triangle2_largeThe 10th Film4 FrightFest kicked off in its new home at London’s mammoth Empire Leicester Square cinema in suitable style, with the screening of a short American Werewolf in London spoof starring directors Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) and Adam Green (Hatchet). The hilarious vignette both introduced the audience to this year’s festival and reminded everyone that one of the highlights of this year’s proceedings would be the premiere screening of the remastered American Werewolf. Both Lynch and Green were in the audience as the FrightFest team of Alan Jones, Ian Rattray, Paul McEvoy and Greg Day introduced the opening night film, Triangle.

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