Coco Before Chanel (2009)

She’s in fashion…

The divine Audrey Tautou’s compelling performance as Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel is the beating heart of this sumptuous biopic from writer/director Anne Fontaine (Nathalie). Looking every inch the style icon, even when a penniless showgirl, Tautou is poised perfection throughout, even when the narrative occasionally snags.

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Repo! The Genetic Opera (DVD)

You’ve never seen anything like it…

Love it or hate it, Repo! The Genetic Opera is guaranteed to be like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Set in 2056, Bousman’s (Saw II, III & IV) film depicts a frenzied, morally bereft future in which everything is for sale. Mega corporation GeneCo offers loans for organ transplants, but also reserve the right to take back your new body parts if you fail to pay up. This gory task falls to the Repo Man, who makes his living by slicing, dicing and collecting bloody debts with gusto. Into this world stumbles young Shilo (Vega), desperately searching for a cure for her debilitating blood disease. But when the head of GeneCo, Rotti Largo (Sorvino), offers to give her all the answers, Shilo realises that her own family history might be the very key to her survival.

Oh yes; and it’s a musical. With songs, and everything.

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