The Children (DVD)

The kids are certainly not alright…

It’s a typical British Christmas scene. An extended family descends upon one another to spend the festive season in a whirlwind of food, drink and celebration. But in Shankland’s (WAZ) film, something goes badly, bloodily wrong. An unexplained event silently changes the children, turning them into cold-blooded, calculating killers who systematically dispatch the adults in a variety of gruesome ways.

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Watchmen (2009)

They said it was unfilmable. They were so wrong.

OK, so purists may find some differences between Alan Moore’s beloved, seminal graphic novel and Zack Snyder’s epic adaptation – namely omissions forced by theatrical time constraints – but Snyder has certainly captured the book’s very heart and soul. The essence of what made Moore’s tale a work of genius is up on the screen for all to see, and it looks phenomenal.

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