Delta (DVD)

This week saw the DVD release of Delta, the haunting drama from Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo starring Feliz Lakjo and Osi Torth as two estranged siblings struggling to cope with the strength of their connection. Click to read our review…

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The Disappeared (2008)

(E)state of mind

First shown as part of 2008’s Frightfest, and now chosen as one of the highlights of the ICA’s New British Cinema season, it’s clear that Johnny Kevorkian’s thriller The Disappeared is highly regarded by those in the know in the UK film industry. And audiences too should respond to its grimy, atmospheric chills.

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Blind Loves (2008)

Slovakian film-maker Juraj Lehotsky’s documentary Blind Loves is an intriguing look at relationships with a very big difference; his four subjects are all blind. Through their moving stories we see how universal emotions, thoughts and feelings are played out in a sightless world. And it’s fascinating to watch.

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