Adam (DVD)

New to DVD this week is quirky romantic comedy Adam, starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne

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Extra Features
Unavailable for review, but there’s a commentary with writer/director Max Mayer and producer Leslie Urdang, alternate ending, deleted and alternate scenes, a making of featurette plus a profile of actress Rose Byrne.

Stars Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne
Director Max Mayer
Distributor Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Format DVD
February 15

Adam (2009)

Love conquers all?

It seems that most romantic comedies tread a fine line between schmaltzy melodrama and acerbic sarcasm; very few manage to successfully walk the tightrope between the two. And although writer/director Max Mayer’s first film since 1998’s forgotten Better Living doesn’t fall heavily on either side, it certainly dips a toe or two in the stream of sentimentality.

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