17 Again (DVD)

Young at heart

Body swap narratives have long proved reliable fodder, not just for genre movies but also the comedy; think All of Me, Freaky Friday or, erm, The Hot Chick for examples. Best described as Big in reverse, 17 Again may lack some of the innocent charm of Penny Marshall’s 1988 classic but it’s watchable enough thanks to an affable turn from High School Musical’s Zac Efron.

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Aliens in the Attic (2009)

Home invaders…

Modern childrens’ films often have a difficult time blending the colourful action necessary to hold the kids’ attention and the moral core essential to make their parents happy; hitting on the winning formula can prove to be absolute box office gold, as demonstrated by the behemoth that is High School Musical. Despite starring HSM’s Ashley Tisdale, Aliens in the Attic won’t come close to achieving that level of success thanks to its struggles to combine edgy CGI adventure with a sugary message of tolerance and the importance of family ties, it does enough to keep its target audience of the under-10s entertained.

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