The Big I Am (DVD)

Gangster tripping

Cass star Leo Gregory is small time crook Skinner who gets catapulted into the big leagues in this lacklustre British crime thriller that is at best a by the numbers copy of hundreds that have come before – indeed, it’s a surprise that Danny Dyer doesn’t appear in a starring role – and at worst is a laughable, dull and achingly predictable.

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Public Enemies (2009)

Gangster Number One

It wasn’t just the oppressive heat that was generating a buzz in the screening room; there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air, even among the most hardened critics. Teaming as it does the remarkable acting talents of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale together with the impressive directorial weight of Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider, Ali), Public Enemies was a serious contender for movie of the year before even a minute had unspooled on screen. To live up to this level of extreme expectation the film needed to go way beyond great – it needed to be perfect.

It is.

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