The Transporter Refueled (2015)


The Transporter franchise could never be mistaken for cerebral cinema, but the first three films were something of a guilty pleasure thanks to the undeniable presence of Jason Statham in the lead role. Indeed, the biggest question hanging over this reboot was whether it could fly without ‘the Stath’, who has been replaced by rising British star Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones). As it transpires, however, the casting is the least of its problems.

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FrightFest 2015: Another Me


It’s the stuff of nightmares. You return home, only to discover that you are already there: a facsimile is duping your loved ones and taking over your life. The existence of a malevolent doppelganger is a universal, enduring fear, and filmmakers across the spectrum, from Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo) to Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), Richard Ayoade (The Double) and Denis Villeneuve (Enemy), have mined its potential for thrills.

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