Somewhere (2010)


Somewhere feels very much cut from the same cloth as Lost In Translation, a return to more personal, intimate filmmaking, after Sofia Coppola’s period production Marie Antoinette. Plot-wise the film is scant. Stephen Dorff plays a Hollywood star, living out of the Chateau Marmont. He bonds with his young daughter (Elle Fanning) but, when alone, faces periods of introspection and a lack of fulfilment regarding his day-to-day life.

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Tetro (2009)

The Brothers Gloom

When 17-year-old Bennie (Alden Ehrenreich) arrives in Buenos Aires in search of his long lost brother, he is surprised to find that the man he remembers as a passionate, creative writer now cuts a melancholy and isolated figure who has re-christened himself Tetro (Vincent Gallo). Although Tetro’s girlfriend Miranda (Maribel Verdu) welcomes Bennie with open arms, Tetro is less than pleased to have his sibling back in his life. As Bennie digs deeper into why Tetro left the family, it becomes clear that there are painful secrets buried in their shared past. And when Bennie finds, and decides to finish, Tetro’s deeply personal play, their relationship takes a turn from which there may be no coming back.

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