Coraline (2009)

The others…

That author extraordinaire Neil Gaiman wrote the deliciously fantastical story Coraline for his young daughters makes it no less accessible for a wider audience. In fact, Gaiman’s absolute understanding of the hopes, fears and joy of being a youngster imbues his story with vivid life – and when his epic imagination is teamed with that of writer/director Henry Selick (A Nightmare Before Christmas), it results in a sumptuous, stunning film that will charm audiences young and old.


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Inkheart (DVD)

Away with words…

The Mummy star Brendan Fraser does what he does best, playing a likeable everyman in yet another fantasy action adventure. This time round he’s Mo Folchart, whose talents as a Silvertongue – which give him the ability to bring books to life just by reading them out loud – result in tragedy when his wife Resa (Guillory) is swallowed into the novel Inkheart. For years Mo and his young daughter Meggie (Bennett) search for the book so as to reunite their family, but when they finally come across it they realise they must do battle with the story’s eclectic cast of characters if they are ever to rescue Resa.


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