The Fear of 13 (2015)


Sitting on a plastic chair in the middle of a bare room, dressed in a simple blue shirt, Nick Yarris faces the lens and tells his life story. The camera remains closely framed on his face as he speaks, only cutting away for short dramatisations of the experiences he is describing. And dramatic they most certainly are, as Yarris spent over 20 years of his life on death row after being convicted of rape and murder in 1981, during which time he unwaveringly maintained his innocence.

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Starsuckers (DVD)

The fame game

Starsuckers, from Brit filmmaker Chris Atkins (Taking Liberties), is a shocking expose of the modern obsession with fame, cutting deep in its quest to expose the truth about how the US and UK media are actively involved in the deceptions and trickery that serve to fuel the all-pervading celebrity culture.

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