The Boat That Rocked (DVD)

Radio GaGa

Richard Curtis surely owns the rosiest glasses in the film business. According to him, the UK is a gentle, slightly eccentric place, where good things happen to good people and well-mannered chaps generally get the girl. And, despite the inclusion of brash American Philip Seymour Hoffman and a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack, The Boat That Rocked is cut from the same warm and fuzzy cloth. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its charms, but it would be nice to see Curtis step out of his comfort zone.

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Hush (DVD)

Road to hell…

Bit part actor, sometime screenwriter and former Radio 1 DJ Mark Tonderai makes his directorial debut with the small but well-formed British thriller Hush, which makes a routine trip on the M1 even more hellish than usual. Tonderai also wrote the film, which sees wannabe-writer Zakes (William Ash) and his girlfriend Beth (Christine Bottomley) passing their long night-time journey by arguing about the state of their relationship.

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