Changeling (DVD)

Truth is stranger than fiction…

It’s 1928, and single mother Christine (Jolie) works hard to support herself and her young son Walter (Gattlin Griffith) Although life is though, the pair enjoy a close bond and are happy, Christine’s life is turned upside down when Walter goes missing, and a terrible situation turns into one of horror when the LAPD make a great show of finding her son – only to return the wrong boy. As Christine’s assertions that she has been given the wrong child fall on deaf ears, so a shocking chain of events begin to unravel.

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Gran Torino (2008)

Clint is back to make your day…

He may be approaching 80, but Clint Eastwood remains at the forefront of modern cinema. Far from causing a generational gap, Eastwood’s age, and the vast film industry experience that it represents, ensures he remains a significant, interesting and powerful cinematic force. This is proved not just by the fact that his recent real-life drama Changeling has been nominated for three Academy Awards, but also because his new movie Gran Torino is yet another astonishing piece of film-making.

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