Star Trek (2009)

Abrams conquers the final frontier

If any franchise is deserving of a flashy reboot, it’s Star Trek. This work horse of a series started life as an American sci-fi TV drama back in 1966, winning over audiences with its cardboard cut-out sets, colourful storylines and hugely likable, well-defined characters. Its cult popularity saw the original show endure right through until 1969, and it has since spawned four spin-off series, an animated show and 10 feature films, not to mention endless books and graphic novels, partworks, fan films and even chart hits.

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Bottle Shock (2008)

Wine movie may well pop your cork…

The world of wine is a complicated one. Although many of us stick to what’s on 3-for-2 at the local supermarket, scratch the surface and there’s a whole universe populated by winophiles, who discuss things like vintages, terroir and malactic fermentation. It’s these people who populate Miller’s intriguing Bottle Shock, although the story is bubbly enough that you don’t have to know your Shiraz from your Chardonnay to enjoy it.

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