Blue Valentine (2010)


Hollywood may be the home of the happy ending, but America’s independent landscape has proved to be the habitat of braver, more brutal truths. In the case of Blue Valentine, those truths concern the darker side of love; namely that it doesn’t necessarily last forever, and that it can be as ugly as it is beautiful. But while this idea may be a rarity in modern cinema, it certainly makes for an intriguing and involving film.

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Bright Star (DVD)

Poetry in motion…

It’s 1818, and young Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) is more interested in fashion than men, and when she meets 23-year-old poet John Keats (Ben Wishaw) she thinks his work – and his character – somewhat lacking. Over time, however, Fanny comes to realise the brilliance of Keats’s verse, and admiration soon spills over into a passionate love affair. Although their relationship seems doomed from the outset, given that Keats does not have the fortune or stature to be considered good husband material, the pair are determined to be together, understanding that theirs is a love that knows no obstacles. Yet when Keats falls seriously ill, their bond is pushed to the absolute limit…

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