Transporter 3 (DVD)

Let’s be Frank…

Brit bulldog Jason Statham returns as the mysterious Frank Martin, a man who makes his living by transporting packages and asking no questions. Forced into a new job – delivering feisty Valentina (Rudakova) to the Black Sea – Frank soon realises that the rules have been seriously changed. Struggling to regain control of the situation, and of his growing feelings for Valentina, Frank takes on all-comers as he makes the drive of his life.

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Max Payne (DVD)

Video (game) nasty…

There’s something about video games that stops them translating well to the big screen. Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Alone in the Dark, Hitman… all far, far better in the console than the DVD player. Sadly, Max Payne joins these ranks as, despite looking impressive on screen it just doesn’t hold together as a movie.

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