Milk (DVD)

Got Milk?

Director Gus Van Sant’s biopic celebrates the life and death of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California and who, like so many challengers to the American establishment, met his fate at the barrel of a gun. For those unfamiliar with Milk’s rise or demise I’m giving little away, as the film is essentially one giant flashback from the get go, framed around a testimonial read into a microphone for posterity by Milk himself (Sean Penn).

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W. (DVD)

Beating about the Bush…

Oliver Stone has long held a reputation as something of a confrontational film-maker, so his latest, W., may come as a surprise. Indeed, anyone expecting a brash, no-holds-barred cinematic attack of the much-derided politics of ex-US President George W. Bush will be disappointed, as the film – released while Bush Jr was still clinging on to the White House – is instead a gentle, somewhat sympathetic look at just what turned Bush into the cartoon character ‘Dubya’

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