The Big I Am (DVD)

Gangster tripping

Cass star Leo Gregory is small time crook Skinner who gets catapulted into the big leagues in this lacklustre British crime thriller that is at best a by the numbers copy of hundreds that have come before – indeed, it’s a surprise that Danny Dyer doesn’t appear in a starring role – and at worst is a laughable, dull and achingly predictable.

You can tell it’s a British gangster movie from the offset, but flash motors, sharp suits and gratuitous swearing do not automatically make for an engaging movie experience. And as the script careens through a day in the life of Skinner’s first day in charge of a crime outfit whose specialties include human trafficking, what emerges is a production suffering from amateur direction, lazy editing and a cast that’s only half decent. Far more interesting and entertaining is the story of how the film was made, a fantastic Guardian article on which can be found here. Indeed, given the tumult of its production it’s an achievement that any film was made at all, but that’s really no excuse. 1 stars

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Stars Leo Gregory, Michael Madsen
Director Nic Auerbach
Format DVD
Distributor E1 Entertainment
Released April 12