Transporter 3 (DVD)

Let’s be Frank…

Brit bulldog Jason Statham returns as the mysterious Frank Martin, a man who makes his living by transporting packages and asking no questions. Forced into a new job – delivering feisty Valentina (Rudakova) to the Black Sea – Frank soon realises that the rules have been seriously changed. Struggling to regain control of the situation, and of his growing feelings for Valentina, Frank takes on all-comers as he makes the drive of his life.

Say what you like about Jason Statham, but he knows what he’s good at and doesn’t deviate far from that path. And if (like me) you like watching him flex his muscles, driving fast cars and generally being a modern day Action Man, Transporter 3 delivers the goods. The car chases are exciting, the fight scenes hugely entertaining – he gets his clothes pulled off by more than one bad guy – and Statham even handles Frank’s emotional side with a sharp-edged style.


Ok, so it is practically the same film as the first two, and it won’t break the mould of the action genre, but if you check your incredulity at the door and buy into Statham’s growling screen presence, it’s a fun weekend flick that will go down well with a couple of beers and your sub-woofer turned up to 11. 4 stars

Extra Features
Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain a Making Of, plus four lightweight featurettes on the Storyboard, Special FX, Production Designs and Car Stunts, all with commentary by director Olivier Megaton. What a name… 3 stars

Stars Jason Statham, Natalya Rudakova
Director Olivier Megaton
Distributor Icon Home Entertainment
Format DVD & Bl-ray
Released April 20th

Also released on April 20th is the Transporter Trilogy box-set, containing all three movies. Statham, Statham and more Statham…